Is your child struggling and you don't know what to do about it?

I can help them explore what's going on for them so that they understand themselves better and can decide what changes they want to make. It's not just talking - I have lots of different ways of working to find what's easiest for them.


Teenage years are a particularly anxious time as so much is changing and young people can become very unsure of themselves. I can explore what's going on for your child and help them understand how stress works and what they can do about it. Looking at feelings and where they come from helps them to not be so scary.


There is a whole spectrum of being in the world differently from what society declares is the 'right' way and I am happy to find ways of working so that you feel safe having counselling. You can explore your thoughts and feelings and understand yourself better and how you relate to the world. That means you can choose change what works for you.

Low mood

The struggles of the teenage years can mean young people can feel fed up and unheard. Sometimes this leads to very dark places and even thoughts about ending their life. I can talk to your child and help them make sense of what's going on for them and why they feel like that. Sometimes they have not been met in the way that they needed as a small child, and this may not have been noticed by the adults around them. Working on this together can shift these patterns and change occurs naturally.

Gender identity

Young people have a much broader understanding of gender than we might be used to and need some help navigating their thoughts and feelings around their identity. Sometimes gender is only a small part of it as adolescents work out who they are and who they really want to be. I have lots of ways of exploring this and helping them understand what is important for them as they grow up.

Contact Me

Jess Gailey
Child and Adult Counsellor
Professional Accredited Member of NCPS
Children and Young People's Therapist (CYPT)
Please email me to arrange a chat about how I can help your child:

I work in Stroud town centre


Ways forward

  • Arrange a chat

    Send me an email and we can arrange a time for a chat about how I can help your child or teen.

  • Book a session

    You can book sessions here.

    £60 for 60 mins Counselling face-to-face (Stroud)

    Cancellation policy: 2 days notice of cancellation otherwise the full fee is payable

  • It's not just talking!

    I have games, Lego, art materials, soft toys, sand and lots of other ways of exploring thoughts, feelings and behaviours with children and teens. Whatever their interests, we can find a way of working together. And if not, then I will talk to them and you about next steps for them that will be more effective.

About Jess

Helping people who are struggling with their lives, finding out what is really going on for them, and seeing the step-by-step changes that come from counselling is work I find very satisfying. I enjoy the fact that everyone is different and so I won't make assumptions about you or your child.

I am a trained counsellor for children young people and adults and as I have been a massage and craniosacral therapist for many years I have a lot of experience with clients and their issues. For more about me, please see my About page.

At home, I enjoy computer and board games, reading, gardening and cooking, and walking on the hills and valleys near my house.